Amanda Wells: “I Heard the Word: ‘Freedom’ Causing a Great Synergy and Release”

Amanda Wells:

“I Heard the Word: ‘Freedom’ Causing a Great Synergy and Release”

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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

I would say that not just some of you…but most of you, our readers, need this word…as do I! There IS a great release and authority coming to those who’ve walked through trials and challenges for the Lord. It’s hard to see sometimes, but that was REALLY part of your training!

Amanda Wells shares this NOW word to the Body:

Some have been walking through hard times and trials that have felt as though they would never end, BUT God wants you to know you are increasing in your spiritual authority and the trial and circumstance is your new positioning and new authority!

We keep hearing the word “authority” coming from prophetic voices…and we are truly coming into a day where new and increased authority is being given to the Church at large, as you’ll read in this word!


A few weeks ago, I awoke and heard what sounded like a thousand voices yelling, “FREEDOM,” and then the unlocking of what sounded like old prison doors. The atmosphere in the room suddenly felt electric, full of life, and then I heard the Scripture, Psalm 68:1, “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.”

I sensed we are walking into a time where God’s people and Heaven come into oneness and as they both cry out “Freedom” this will cause a synergy that brings incredible release. Synergy is “where two or more agents produce a combined effect greater than their separate effects. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.”

We are about to see the designed beauty of Heaven released on the earth as they come into synergy! Nations are about to see what true oneness, unity or synergy looks like as the Body rises and declares. The two realms, the natural and spiritual will suddenly become one! Where beauty is displayed so is glory, honor and majesty. We are going to see angelic visitations as the decrees on earth shift the atmosphere, and there will be an angelic commissioning on the earth.

Let God Arise

It is time to recognize our position and LET GOD IN US, ARISE. The Hebrew word arise is quwm and it means to, come on the scene, to stand, to maintain oneself, to be established, be confirmed, to stand, and endure. As we position ourselves to maintain ourself in Him and step on the scene, the enemy is fleeing and we are going to see freedom in every area that God is arising, and the circumstances that have pinned us down are diminishing and the prison doors are flying open! (Photo via flickr)

Some have been walking through hard times and trials that have felt as though they would never end, BUT God wants you to know you are increasing in your spiritual authority and the trial and circumstance is your new positioning and new authority!

What you walk through you get authority over! The area of difficulty you are going through is the area you will get your greatest anointing, so as to destroy the yoke of that trial and circumstance in another. Freedom is coming, not just for you but for those you minister to who are going through the same thing.

If the devil had known that crucifying Jesus was to position Him for greater authority to redeem the whole of mankind, he would never have motivated Judas to betray Him. The devil thinks he was going to crush you and kill you, but God says that satan doesn’t realize that when you come through that trial, you are coming through positioned with such authority and anointing, your crushing him underfoot! Walk out, the prison door is open and the angel is crying out, “Freedom!”

Walking through those circumstances, that painful place, and that hard valley, was really just enabling you to come into a higher authority. The painful areas, the things you endured as a child, the cancer your walking through, the financial loss, every area is your enabling to now shout “Freedom” and see the prison open for the release of another.


Those areas have been training your hands for war, you will now have the ability to not just take down the lion and the bear that attacked your life, but the Goliath that intimidates another. When you wrestled the lion and the bear, and it felt like you were alone, God was promoting you in the hidden place to be able to take the head of Goliath in the seen place, in your moment of opportunity and destiny!

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The very thing that the devil used to target you, is the very thing God anoints you to have great authority and victory over. You slew the lion and the bear, now rise up because you have the anointing to decree death to the Goliath that is intimidating your family, your health, your finances, and your nation. Not only are you anointed to stand and see the freedom and victory over that enemy, but your seed will also inherit the victory of your battle!

Declare no more cancer, sickness or poverty in the family line! Let God arise! It’s time to rise and shout your freedom and walk in victory. Remember that what you walk in you get authority over!

Angelic Assignments

There is a release of angelic assignments in this hour to help you walk out your victory. As you position yourself and decree victory, Heaven comes into agreement with the earth and there is a power being released on you that you have never experienced before.

Matthew 18:19, Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven.

The word agree comes from the Greek work symphoneo, where we get our word symphony from. A symphony is a sound from many instruments that comes together and impacts the atmosphere. The word in Greek also comes from the prime root word phone, which means tongues.

In 1 Corinthians 13:1 Paul says “If I speak with the tongues of men and angels…” Paul knew that the gift of tongues is so powerful, and the angelic realm speaks a language, and that our language of the spirit unlocks the angelic realm so that we walk out the divine mandate that is on our life.

It’s time to release Heaven in the midst of our circumstances. Angels are being sent on assignment to bring protection and deliver you from the prison and the storm. God is releasing angels with assignments to awaken cities and nations. There is an angelic commissioning that is running parallel to the commissioning that is coming to many on the earth in this time and season. (Photo by Jennifer Page “Warrior Angel” via

America, angels are on assignments as the natural commissioning happens on a man or woman to lead the nation. The angels don’t see what we see on the earth, they see destiny. The nations have a destiny, that glory will be covering and seen on them, and the angelic realm are decreeing it!

“Touching Anything It Will Be Done”

Jesus said in Matthew 18:19, “touching anything you ask it will be done.” The word anything in Greek is pragma and it means an accomplished fact, a commercial transaction and a matter at law, a law case, or suit.

Heaven is waiting for you and me to arise and shout “Freedom” over that circumstance, over our nations because when we do, we know it’s already accomplished, it’s already a lawsuit that has been won in Heaven, the prison doors are opened, and we just need to come into agreement with Heaven and declare that freedom and victory in our life.

The sound of freedom changes the atmosphere, it shifts circumstances, and releases Heaven’s judgment upon those situations. Heaven is crying out “Freedom.” Let God in us arise and synergize with the heavenly realm and see Heaven and His glory break out and awaken the nations!


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