Amanda Wells: “The Judge Has Made His Judgment”

Amanda Wells:

“The Judge Has Made His Judgment”

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“The Judge Has Made His Judgment”
by Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzJust the title of Amanda Wells’ article is intriguing in itself. Yes, the Judge has made judgment in this new year and there is much recompense and restoration coming to the Body of Christ.

How many of you have experienced some loss, things stolen, and need some restoration? I think that includes just about everyone!

I won’t give too much away, but will leave you with this most encouraging word from Amanda Wells:

Tell the Body of Christ, the thief has been caught, the judged sentenced, and this is the year of repayment!


An Encounter: “We Have Appended the Enemy”

Recently I had a dream encounter and as I woke I knew it was prophetic for the Body of Christ. I heard a knock on the door, our back door, and as I answered it I saw a police officer standing with a person, although it was not the person but the spirit that was binding the person, in handcuffs next to them.

The police officer said to me, “We have apprehended the enemy, the thief. Come with me as we go before the judge; the enemy will be charged and sentenced and will have to repay.” I started to follow the police officer and the apprehended criminal and the officer said to me, “Tell the Body of Christ, the thief has been caught, the judged sentenced, and this is the year of repayment!”

We live opposite of quite thick bush, and the police officer walked both of us through the bush, as the apprehended one was silent beside the officer. The walk seemed longer than I knew this bush walk to be and I was tempted to stop. The officer said to me, “Many have been in the wilderness this past season; it’s been a long and lonely time. When you are in the wilderness you can lose hope and your peace, but keep walking. That season is over, you’re coming out, and coming directly into the courts of the Lord! Keep walking!” He said, “Don’t get sidetracked, don’t think of it as a delay, but keep walking because your prophetic promise, your inheritance and your recompense is here.”

The Court Case

Suddenly we arrived at the courts; the opulence, the beauty, the worship and His Presence was awesome. Jesus stood before the bench and though the Judge was there I could only see His enormous gavel. Jesus said, “I am your attorney.” He then proceeded to state the case to the Judge and the next thing I heard was the gavel sound and a voice say, “Take the prisoner away, and tell him he must pay sevenfold recompense to the plaintiff.”

As the apprehended was led away, the gavel sounded again. I heard a voice say to me, “Go tell all that this is the year where Heaven touches earth, the supernatural in the natural, and this is the year that cases that seemed unwinnable, have now been decided. Tell them this is the year of restoration of all that has been stolen: finances, health, reputations, businesses, families, children, destinies. Get ready, the thief has been caught, has been tried and now he must pay back recompense. Tell those who have been in the wilderness, the Court’s in session, come in with the Word of God, declare it today, and see their impossible situations turn in a moment. I’m restoring their hope and peace.”

Sevenfold Return

I then awoke and the first words that came to me were, “Yet if he is caught, he must pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house” (Proverbs 6:31).

The reason it is sevenfold is because seven is the Hebrew letter zayin and one of its meanings is “returning light”. It also means a sword that fights for food. It is the letter for completeness and blessing.

What was taken in darkness will be returned in light and the sword, the weapon in your hand, will bring you food in this season. Get ready…for restoration is coming completely and with great blessing!!!


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