Trefor wrote: “Amanda has been and still is the best coach I have come across. This was a dream of mine for years. I had wanted to write my story for at least 20 years and did nothing about it. In 12 months Amanda Wells gave me some direction that if I never listened to my book would never have been published. Thanks to Amanda Wells Coaching my dream is nearly a reality and in my hands. 🙂 thank you Amanda. If you are thinking you need a bit of direction to make you’re dreams a reality do it you will not regret it.

Trefor Willis-Jones



What they say about Coaching:
At a turning point in my career I contacted Amanda Wells Coaching for
assistance. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Amanda was
quick to identify opportunities where my creativity, skills, education
and ambition were best directed. With the help of Amanda I have been
able to design a business – tailor made to support my personal interests
and life-long goals. A business which I am truly passionate about. I
find Amanda’s enthusiasm and humour refreshing. I would recommend Amanda
to anyone seeking business coaching, not only because of her extensive
experience but also her ability to empower you in business
SL Sydney Australia


I Just wanted to say thank you for the course that we are doing… I am loving it – when I say this I mean it – it has changed everything about my life. Before doing the course, I was lost, I mean really lost, I had lost my way with God, my marriage was at breaking point , our finances were up the creek, and I was just going through the motions at church… Since starting this, everything has changed – our marriage is better than it was before and we are closer than ever, I have become passionate about church again – our finances – while we have a way to go, we are starting to believe God for big things in this area and have a deep knowing that it is going to come through and I am so hungry for God and the things of the supernatural that I am overwhelmed in a God way – I am grateful to you and the teaching you have given me – it has been incredible and I thank you!

Jules LN

Amanda prayed for me for a baby as the doctor said I was unable to fall pregnant. That same night after she also gave me a prophetic word I fell pregnant. I am so excited.

S. N

On Our Online School Of Supernatural
This course is building my confidence in what I believe I was hearing and seeing in the spirit. I believe I can use this new found understanding and wisdom in my work and also in my ministry at church. Thank you for finally showing me that I’m not insane or loopy. I can be confident in the face of those who don’t understand about these things now because I have been given the knowledge and now can develop in the giftings God had given me.


The course has confirmed in me a spiritual realm that The Lord has been wooing me to, whilst removing fear from ill equipped / fear based teaching in the past.


Loving this course Amanda thanks for stepping out and sharing your experiences these things have been the norm for me but found out in my early years as a Christian this isn’t the norm unfortunately for everyone

Thank you so much for your encouragement and faithfulness to speak out God’s Word.
I wanted to share this to encourage you.

I have started writing one of the books which has been on the inside of me for a few years.
Your word for me was so relevant and through it I received the direction from God on where to start.
I was journaling with the Lord back in May and this is what he said to me.

I asked, “Lord, are you talking to me about book ideas?”

He said, “Yes. I want you to stay in prayer and worship, and then type.
Give me your imagination and I will fill it. I will guide your thoughts and I will guide your hand.”

I asked, “Where do I start?”
(I have had so many ideas. But I have not been confident that any were God Ideas.)

He asked,”Where is your greatest passion at the moment?”

I knew the answer. It was Mathematics.

It probably sounds funny, but I have been wanting to write a math curriculum supplement based on a Hungarian Math Program that I have been using with my son for 5 years. The books we have used are not in English. I had to translate words into English to use the books. Hungry is one of the world leaders is Math Education. My son is 10 years old and is already doing some grade 10 Maths. I believe he got a solid foundation in Math with these books.

So I have toyed with this idea for some time. Even after this journal entry I hesitated. I was not sure where to start.
Your words for me at Steve and Dani’s house were spot on! You said, “Books, books, why aren’t you writing books?”
You also asked who likes numbers. and you saw numbers all over me. You saw Hebrew numbers and I believe that the Hebrew part will probably be another book. Since then the ideas have been flowing freely.

Ross bought your book, “Product Producing Ideas.” I found your recommended site for self publishing. I have created an account with Create Space. I found a Create Space template for using with Microsoft Word, and I have started the book.

Elizabeth Toowoomba QLD



  • Hi Amanda, it was really wonderful to meet you at our Bendigo meeting tonight. God bless you…..

    Tony NorrisMay 18, 2014
  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your challenging presentation to us at the 2014 CDP Conference last weekend.

    Darryl AllenAugust 27, 2014
  • Hi Amanda
    about 1 month ago you were in coffs harbour.You prophecied financial freedom coming to me.four days later i had $5000 put in my bank account.this has made me financially free for the rest of the year.
    I had a significant dream that showed wealth coming to me .My son had 2 dreams were i found lots of money and a women spoke and said there is a lot more to come.
    I am expecting my debt to be cancelled and so much more
    thank you amanda
    thank you JESUS

    john sambrookAugust 21, 2016

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