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In my knew book ‘There Shall Be No poor Among You” I talk about the Global Financial Crisis and how as Nations we become slaves to debt. I also talk about how we must create an alternative economy and how biblically we can do this. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the last chapter, ‘Debt Cancellation.’

We have seen many revivals and reformations where miracles have taken place and many come to the Lord but the one revival we have not seen yet is the revival of wealth. I believe we are on the verge of this revival.God has always believed in wealth, and He has also made a way that mankind can spread that wealth and that wealth has always started with the concept that man would work, that wealth would come through this medium, because as man works, he receives seed, which is to be sown for a great harvest to be reaped. 

 God placed man into the Garden of Eden to work it and this was always to be a man’s source, aside from, God Himself, of satisfaction.  Jewish tradition teaches that work was a way that man would partner with his Creator in the act of creation, so as to fulfill his destiny.Through work man can prove that he is indeed created in the image of his Creator God, because in all the earth man is the only creature capable of the same creativity as God Himself. Work was a mandate given by the Creator God to the created Adam, without limitations.

 Mankind does not work because he needs the fruit of that work but because of the value of the work itself and that work is connected to his destiny and the fact that work is our service whereby we can benefit others. 

 There is a story from the Talmud about a Rabbi called Honi HaMm’agel  who appears only once in talmudic literature. The story speaks of how Honi was journeying on the road and he saw “that” man planting a carob tree. He asked, “How long does it take [for this tree] to bear fruit?” The man replied: “Seventy years.” Honi then further asked him: “Are you certain that you will live another seventy years?” The man replied: “I found [already grown] carob trees in the world; as my fore fathers planted those for me so I too plant these for my children.”

 What the story means is that you and I will work, but the true meaning of life is that others will benefit from my endeavors, because work is a benevolent and moral activity that builds for the generations to come. 

 Sadly as we look at the Nations today all that we are leaving the next generation massive debt, the ‘global government debt clock’ puts the debt globally at &49, 951, 272, 643,378, remembering this does fluctuate. This means even a new born is thrust into around $10,000 worth of debt before they have reached day one.

 This should scare each, and every one of us, and shock us into realising we must produce an alternative economy so our children and grandchildren are not born into a life of slavery to debt but can be born free. 

 In Deuteronomy 15 God says, ‘There shall be no poor among you,’ we the Church, have to take this seriously and it begins with debt cancelation!

 To understand debt cancelation we must understand how to biblically control our personal finances and business debts. 

 In Leviticus 19:23-25, ‘And when ye shall come into the land, and shall have planted all manner of trees for food, then ye shall count the fruit thereof as uncircumcised: three years shall it be as uncircumcised unto you: it shall not be eaten of. But in the fourth year all the fruit thereof shall be holy to praise the LORD withal. And in the fifth year shall ye eat of the fruit thereof, that it may yield unto you the increase thereof: I am the LORD your God.’ (KJV)

 For three years the profit from your business (the fruit of your harvest) is counted as uncircumcised, an interesting word which in Hebrew and in the Talmud was Oriah Mishnayoth. This law was good agricultural practice, and that believed early harvesting would conflict with careful cultivation and pruning during the first three years in order to insure later good harvests and allow maturing of the trees. The fruit was to fall to the ground and then go back into the soil.

 In our business we should not be eating from our profits for the first three years but the profit go back into our business. After the three years we can then start to eat from the profit.

 Then in the seventh year we should see a supernatural reduction in the debt on our business. Our debts should not be more than seven years and if we were to use God’s strategy for our life and business we would see debt reduction and cancelation, just as the Jews have! 

 Deuteronomy 15 v 1, ‘At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts.’

The idea that we would be voluntary slaves is offensive to all of our sensibilities, but when we continue to spend what we don’t have, charge what we don’t need, and borrow more than we can repay, then we must call the problem what it is: slavery. We must replace this slave to debt mentality with  replacing the ‘get more money’ mentality with a ‘get out of debt’ approach to financial freedom and debt reduction.

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