Extended Time For Our Offer and NEWS!!

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Extended Time For Our Offer and NEWS!!

WOW, can you believe it is September the 1st Already!! It has been an awesome year and I know the last 1/4 will also be amazing!

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New Zealand


Yaz and Esther from Glory City Church came with me to NZ and it was awesome. We did a mini SOP and what a time! We saw salvations, baptisms in the Spirit, healings, extraordinary encounters and the small town of Tepuke LOVED on!

We had an amazing 10 days! While there I connected with 2 women … one has a ministry and a very prosperous business with helping women in sex slavery and then creating income for them so they don’t need to revert back. The other was the CEO of a Christian International School and both were totally amazing. They were both in Nepal, Katmandu and next year with a small team we will head over for 10 days and as Go promised me Katmandu and Tibet 20 years ago….. YES, Im excited!

This month is a full on Month. Last weekend I spoke at United Hearts Women’s Conference and WOW, encounters salvations, healings and Baptisms in the Spirit…… it was a full on 3 days BUT totally awesome!

This week I am in Ipswich and then the Sunshine Coast and then…….

USA and Canada!! From the 10th till the 27th and I know it is going to be awesome!

I will be in Edmonton Canada and then Augusta and Atlanta. Please email me for more info

October is full on locally and then







This will be an exciting event this year Don’t miss it!!!

Then straight after I will be heading off to UK, Germany, and Italy.



I realise so many because I was away missed the end of August deadline for the 12 weeks 2 Your Business course SALE

It was $99 and with one coaching call with me during the course.




Have you created a product and now want to learn how to create a business and a store so as to sell it online? Do you need help with marketing and social media to increase your sales? Then this course is for you.

What if you have an idea to sell someone else product or be an affiliate and you want to know how to sell it online Then this course is for you!

Do you have digital and hard copy CDs and DVDs, eBooks, videos and you NEED to learn how to set up an online store and connect your social media channels to it as well?

Then this course is for you!

Are you struggling with how to start a business and set it up?

Then this course is for you!

This video class is PERFECT for anyone who has created their own product, wants to drop ship someone else’s product, has a direct sales product or even an information digital product and needs to know how to create a business and build an online store AND needs marketing help!

In this 12 week Video course Amanda takes you through setting up a business and setting up your online store and selling your product.

Amanda helps you find suppliers, becoming an affiliate, using shopify your Online E – Commerce Store and setting it up, blogging, email newsletters, social media set up and using, automation, cash flow, keeping accounts, finding your niche, setting up a WordPress Site and loads more

Amanda also gives you a number of free add on videos in the course also

Each week has actions for you to take, loaded with knowledge and will have you making money in just a few weeks

This is a Business College Material course all done in your own home


27 Video Trainings and MP3

Around 30 hours of training




Back To The Garden

red dirt

God called a family (Adam and Woman) to walk in supernatural dominion, filling the earth.

When God created Adam, he took the dirt, the ground, in Hebrew is Adamah, meaning RED. He blew into the dirt and the RED became MAN, who God named ADAM in Hebrew RED.

Adam would always be connected to the earth because he was made from the earth. The earth is calling out to Adam, because in the fall, not only did Adam need redemption but the earth also needed to be redeemed.

In Ezekiel 28 it speaks about Lucifer before the fall and says he was called the ‘Prince of Tyre’ the word prince = keeper and the word Tyre in Hebrew is ‘red.’ No wonder seeing this new creation Adam who was born out of the imagination (image) of the Godhead drove Lucifer crazy, because he was once the keeper of the red, now another creation is!

Then God called a couple (Abraham and Sarah) to walk in supernatural wealth creation and the creation of a new tribe to fill the earth and make it fruitful.

Christ is the second Adam. He re-launched the mandate to fill the earth. He bought earth back and gave it back to its original owner, mankind. Man is to bring transformation to the earth, as it is in Heaven let it be done on earth.

InChrist you have a connection to your spiritual lineage of Abraham and Sarah.

It’s full circle back to the garden of His presence and a supernatural business life. Adam was created to be an entrepreneur, he was commissioned to multiply, Hebrew rabah it means to be or grow great to make large, enlarge, increase, become many to make much, make many, have many to multiply, increase to make much to do, do much in respect of, transgress greatly to increase greatly or exceedingly, to make great, enlarge, do much.

We were created for growth and increase, and to increase in every way IN the EARTH and from the earth.

Don’t be tempted to listen to the doom and gloom mentality of people fearing collapse of the global economy BUT we are to have a JOYFUL, CONFIDENT, PROSPEROUS, DYNAMIC state of mind, and you can have that mind as an entrepreneur!

You are not going down in 2016 YOU ARE GOING UP! Why? Because God is giving to His people the ability to CREATE WEALTH (Deuteronomy 8:18) and CREATE SOLUTIONS to problems.

China and India are huge growing markets that need goods and services that must come in from other nations.

The FUTURE belongs to the SUPERNATURAL ENTREPRENEUR. Stop being paralysed with anxiety about shaking. God said it is a “PROMISE” of shaking. Not a judgment.

Plug into the GREATEST chapter of your life and let God open the door into nations for you, as a modern Abraham and Joseph… and don’t worry about the economy. How can you do this? Easy, because the Divine creativity that is innately in every human being is a form of currency, supernatural, heavenly currency.

You’ve got a printing press for money inside you! It’s the POWER in Hebrewkoach, which means strength, power, might, human strength, strength (of angels), power (of God) produce, wealth (of soil) TO CREATE, fashion & make WEALTH! Why? So you establish HIS COVENANT in the earth today!

Till Next Time

Be Blessed 

Roger and Amanda


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