How You Can Stand Head and Shoulders Above The Rest





When God raised up Daniel in Babylon, he was a 13 year old kid raised in a foreign country, a conquered minority, and he was castrated in order to become a kings eunuch. He had every reason in the world to become angry, embittered and a defeated young man, but instead he becomes one of the heroes of the bible.

 Daniel and his friends were learned in the sciences and had knowledge wisdom, educated in literature and understood the  language of Chaldeans, so in a business and economic sense they were socially relevant, academically informed, and knew how to behave in the in kings palaces or in the business arena of the day. 

God gave them the ability to excel  and that word in Hebrew is ‘yater’. It means something that juts out above or higher than all others. We could say someone who stands out  head and shoulders above the rest. 

God gave them a natural gift for science and academics, languages, literature, etc. Daniel was then able to leverage that acumen and talent and merge it with his personal gift cluster which is a combination of a group of gifts that all of us have. So he could dissolve doubts, interpret dreams, solve riddles and understand enigmas and anticipate trends in his day!

 And in the economy today in business, we need to dissolve doubts of people in the economy, figure out trends, and anticipate the future!

 Sadly when we think of a religious calling, most people think of a guy behind a pulpit, NOT a politician, economist, CEO or business person! But thats the realm that Daniel and his friends operated in!

 Daniel went head and shoulders above all others because he took his natural talent and consecrated it to God’s purposes!

 So people who discipline their talent, and even though to the church it may not look highly religious, but when they figure out that God is God of the whole earth, not just a church on the corner on Sunday they become the leaders in their field or sphere of influence and remember PROXIMITY is POWER. So if they are in the top of their field then they are able to shape that field!

 So really whoever is on the top of their field, whether they honor God or not what they have done is that they have capitalised on 4 or 5 signature strengths they have! 

They have identified what they do best, and what God (even though they may not know Him yet) has wired into their brain in the form of talent and ability, and the key is that they do them well.

 So the  key is to be honest about your passion, gifts and talents and get into a place where you are at the top of your game.

 Get into a place where you say ‘God what desire and destiny have you put inside of me’.

 Remember the maturity of an oak tree is already in its fullness in an acorn, so your full destiny fulfillment is already in your heart

 When Samuel the prophet came to Saul, Samuel said ‘I am going to tell you everything that is in your heart’. The reason Saul was looking for Samuel was because he lost his donkeys, and in that day it meant his economic survival was in jeopardy, it would be like losing your tractors for your farm.

So he went to the prophet, just like someone would go to a Tarot card reader!

 Samuel said, ‘your looking for your tractors / donkeys but don’t worry they have already been found, the real reason your here is because their is a destiny and God manipulated your problem to bring you to this moment.’

 How many have problems are manipulated by heaven to bring them to your destiny?

 So Samuel says, ‘in your heart is a king, lets talk about your call as a king.’ Saul had no idea, but the prophet who was reading Saul’s heart could see it!

 First thing then is get in touch with your heart.

 You have something in you that is bigger than what your living and the gap between you and what you are seeing is the tension or emotional strain that your feeling!

 How do you get in touch? Write down the top 20 things you want to see, be, know and do and not done and learn!

 Take the list, be ruthless, and now axe it till you have top 10

 Then ask yourself what is on that list that gives me the most excitement etc

 What people unconsciously do is the more spiritual they are the more they mess this up! They in bed what they think they want instead of what they really want and desire. They say things like ‘ be a missionary, feed the poor worship etc’ but that is nebulous and has no legs and usually it is because thats what they think is expected of them. If you want to be a missionary, where and what is the purpose and what is your role for example!

NOW! Whittle it down to top 4 or 5 and this will be whats really in your heart!

 God is going to refine it……….. But now He has you finally pointing in true north, and if we can get you saying these top 5 things without guilt or unbelief, then you are positioned to have the attraction factor for favour.

 Once you start to say who you are, your purpose, and what you are all about, you are resonating with the design of heaven for you.

 And when your voice goes out speaking what you are really are about and not what others say you are about, then your voice has its own fingerprint sound, unique to you, and now the resources needed to make your destiny happen, are attracted to you, and you are on your way to being connected to who you are and who you are called to.

 If you are clear on passion then the law of attraction can take place and your passion moves you into the spheres of influence, which is part of your destiny, where you can be in control and you release the authority of Heaven on the earth.

 As it is in Heaven let it be done on earth!



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