Rising Into New Atmospheres



Rising Into New Atmospheres

Amanda Wells

It’s time to rise up into New Atmospheres

It’s time to rise up into New Places in Him

It’s Time to rise up and get a new Heavenly View

It’s Time to realise who we are, do we realise what we we are designed to do?

As He is, so are you!

When God framed Adam he was was created out of the ground, not the chaotic earth,  but out of the residue of the Glory of God. Gold dust of His glory.

You were framed to be a carrier of glory!

God breathed into Adam. God doesnt breathe like we breathe, He IS the BREATH of Life. So when God breathed into Adam, He filled Adam with the fullnessof what he was, what he will be and what he will be to come, and God looked and saw a pure reflection of Himself.

A carrier of breath. As a reflection of God Adam now had the same abilities as God.

When God spoke He created and framed the worlds, He saw the the fullness of His hearts desire, He framed the world and named what He framed.

When God created Adam He saw the fullness of His hearts desire for a son, that reflected His glory, and He named him Adam, and gave Adam the breath of life, and now Adam had the same ability to frame a thing to reflect the Glory of God. When Adam was given the directive to ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth,’ he was to release the Glory of God into the earth by the breath, the speech that God had given Him when he was framed.

God took out of Adam a shape, a form, and when Adam said in Genesis 2 v 23  ‘This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.’ Adam breathed the breath of God into woman and she became. Naming the animals and the woman was breathing or speaking life into that being.

Our breath is the ability to speak the testimony of a beings intrinsic life and destiny, that was in a substance and bring it to reality. That is the power of speech. Adam was able to see in Woman her intrinsic destiny and by naming her, breathed life into her and framed her so as to come into the reality of her future. God formed her and Adam framed her with his breath, his speech, so she became a complete compliment of his, Adam’s frame.

The power of a son is to bring life where there is no life, and frame life into existance. When God breathed life into Adam, Adam immediately knew who God was. When Adam breathed or spoke life into Woman, she immediately knew who Adam was and who God was, and creation knew who she was. Whatever you breathe or speak life into and frame into existance, knows who you are!

Time to frame those things that be not, as though they are. The earth is waiting for the breath of God.

What have you created today with your breath? Have you chosen life or death? Blessing or cursing? Have you prophesied positively into your or others futures? Life and death are in the breath, in our speech.

When mature fathers speak life into sons, it frames a sons destiny, and the earth recognises who they are.

We need to learn to breathe new air, not earths air, but the air of heaven, the breath of life, and speak the words of the breath of Life, the words of life.

God wants to take you to new places, new revelation, new persepectives, new atmospheres……….. Start to see from Heaven

It’s time to spread your wings just as the eagle does, and catch the thermals!

You can literally see thermals on a clear day with cumulus clouds because there is a cloud at the top of each. If there is some wind you need to allow for the thermal being pushed to one side so the bottom is not exactly under the cloud. This way you can see thermals from very far away. The cloud of Glory hides the breath, find the glory and find the breath to create.

Birds and humans also recognise where the lift is by looking who else is riding it. Very often a bird will join another bird in a thermal. Pilots also use birds to spot thermals, it is time to spot those who know where the Cloud of Glory is, and they will lead you to the thermals.

It’s time to rise to new atmospheres.

The earth is looking for those it recognises, sons who breathe and speak miracles into it.

He has set you free from the captors chain, and ‘Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence’. (Psalm 91:3) Rise up on the thermals, into new atmospheres, and learn to breathe.

What is dead around you, its time to breathe and speak life and see it come to life!

Come Up, Come Up, Come Up into New Places in Him!

Amanda Wells

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