November 2014 - Amanda Wells | Professional Business Coaching

Seasons….. Are You In The Time Of Harvest?

    Seasons….. Are You In The Time Of Harvest? Right now is the season of the harvest, and it is a season of abundance for many. Do you know what comes after the harvest? Winter! Everyone is on a different journey in their life. You might be in a season of plenty, harvesting great […]

The Reaction To The Prophetic Word….. Shocked Me!

    The Reaction To The Prophetic Word Shocked Me! On Saturday the 15th October I submitted a prophetic word for the Australian Prophetic Counsel, by Sunday morning the 16th it had quite a few shares and likes. This wasn’t the issue, what was you ask? The reaction I received privately. Messages from ‘fathers’, or […]

Creating Success With Your Blog…. Course

  Create Success, Make More Money, Attract More Clients And Build The Business Of Your Dreams! Have you been trying to build yourself an online business, NGO or church advertising without any results? Maybe you’ve been blogging or talking on social media and nothing seems to be working? Well you’re not alone! With all the […]

You Have A Unique Song…. Sing It

    For so many people that within them there is a conspiracy going on. There is a voice, an attitude or we could call it their old man that strategises against us, seeking to stop us. Each one of us have a ‘word of our testimony’ that overcomes every obstacle thrown at us and […]

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