The Reaction To The Prophetic Word….. Shocked Me!

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The Reaction To The Prophetic Word Shocked Me!

On Saturday the 15th October I submitted a prophetic word for the Australian Prophetic Counsel, by Sunday morning the 16th it had quite a few shares and likes. This wasn’t the issue, what was you ask? The reaction I received privately. Messages from ‘fathers’, or who I thought were the mature Patriarchs. It was then I realised my word hit a nerve in Australia,  (you can read the word below)

For many years I have lived by the culture that  says, ‘live full, die empty.’ I have never wanted to ‘protect my fullness,’ but to give my life away to others. I have never worried about how it was done, I allowed myself to find various ways to do it and if one way dried up I would find another, just as long as I was giving away to others, never protecting my fullness.

So what is the issue you ask? It wasn’t with the sons, it was with the fathers. Message after message from those whom I thought would have a maturity and deep understanding of the concept, that they were now the Patriarchs, and their whole focus would be to die empty:  but this wasn’t the case.

I am so saddened that so many are blaming the church, blaming the younger generation for their inability to do what they believe they were called to do, saying that the next generation should be sons and respect them!

It has deeply disturbed me and I thought this subject needs to be spoken about if we are going to see a generational revival.

Many may not have had fathers, or they had fathers that came into their life and now have gone, the issue is not the rejection or the hurt you feel, the issue is that like it or not if you are mature enough to have a child then you have just had an unexpected pregnancy and you are a parent and you have to learn to be a great parent. Being a parent isn’t all about discipline, being a parent is seeing what is in your child and helping them become what they were always created to be. Being a parent is nurturing your children to leave you, equipped and full of you, because you emptied yourself into them.

If you are a father, an older Christian, and you feel no one is acknowledging your gifts, anointing etc, the issue is YOU, not others; your full and you should be empty! God is drawn to emptiness. The issue isn’t others won’t accept you,  the issue is we don’t know how to release it.

In a city called Zarephath a widow was dying, her sons were to be sold, she thought she had nothing left. The prophet Elijah seemed to be at the peak of his ministry, having just given a national prophecy to the king, but everything dried up. These two had a serendipty moment where God was showing both how He is drawn to emptiness. This is the core of our salvation, Jesus even emptied Himself.

If you feel you have been overlooked, rejected because of your age, not respected by the sons, then  may I humbly suggest it may be because you are full and if you were to empty yourself you would find FULL..FILL..ment. For a glass to be FULL it has to be empty to start with so you can FILL it.


How do I empty myself? Write the book, write the course, start a business whatever is still in you…… then POUR IT OUT!

Lets stop the notion that sons are disrespecting us older ones, or we are put on the shelf, or other younger ones are getting the offers we should be. Lets stop this carry on in conferences where we play the victim and need everyone to show us sympathy.

Lets rise up as the Fathers we are, even if you didn’t have a father then as the old game used to go…… TAG your it, and lets empty ourselves even if no one looks like they are listening!

Let me tell you a secret is…… the earth is! As my publisher Pietro Evangelista say the cemetery is the wealthiest and best read place on earth, yet it doesn’t need your book, business etc…… the earth is crying out for it!

So get up, wipe your tears and get writing or whatever else it is that is in you and you have not poured out yet!

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Amanda Wells Nov 2014
A few nights ago I heard in my sleep ‘where are the fathers’,’ as I awoke I sat bolt upright and that sentence tumbled from my lips.
All that day I kept thinking about the sentence, and that night I dreamed a dream that startled me about the need for fathers for the next generation.

In my dream I saw the ‘baby boomers’ and the younger generation renting homes, but their homes were in disarray, their children running rampant, and they were sitting, frozen, unable to move. I asked, ‘what are you doing,’ and they answered, ‘awaiting our revealing.’

I realised when I woke, that both nights were connected and this was a word for our Nation.

Where are the fathers? 1 Corinthians 4 v 15, ‘though you have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have not many fathers.’ Paul was asking where are the Patriarchs.
The Patriarchs would gather the sons together and prophesy their future, destiny and purpose over them. It was the patriarch’s role to declare the ‘testimony of Heaven’ over their lives. The Patriarchs of old did not just prophesy a pleasant word to tickle their ears, but the word, the testimony, the declaration that Heaven proclaimed over them, before they were even in the womb of their mothers. Jeremiah 1 v 5 “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you.Before you saw the light of day,I had holy plans for you:A prophet to the nations—that’s what I had in mind for you.”
It is time for the ‘fathers’ the Patriarchs to arise in Australia and prophesy the destiny and purpose of the sons so as to bring them into alignment!
When these sons were drawn to you and you adopted them, birthed them, the testimony declared over the sons before they were born was placed in the womb of your spirit also, and it is the responsibility of the fathers to develop the sons, and their testimony into maturity. This is the Baton to pass onto the next generation. Not a ministry or a title but the testimony of their eternal purpose.
The sons need the Patriarch’s.
Sons need fathers. God is quickening in Australia this revelation, as you cannot have one without the other.

Romans 8 v 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

The Hebrews had no word for ‘adoption’. The closest Hebrew word to the word Adoption was the word YADA which meant ‘ to be revealed as who you were originally created to become.’’
The power of adoption is not orphans but the testimony of who they were created to become!
A Patriarch gathered all the sons, so they all hear and declared to each son who they were to become!
This is the power of the Spirit of Adoption.
In Australia there are so many who need the patriarchs to unveil their destiny’s so the earth can see who they were always destined to become. The jealousy and jostling for position must end, the generation of patriarchs must reveal the generation after them.
Many ‘fathers (and mothers)’ in this Nation have felt their resources, ministry, relationships are drying up, and many are blaming the next generation, but it is God forcing you to release the next generation’s destiny. Just as everything dried up for Elijah at the peak of his ministry, God was forcing him to release another generation’s destiny, which in turn released a city.
There is a move of God waiting, where ‘ one generation will commend His mighty works to another.’ When the Patriarchs unveil the destiny of the next generation the earth will see strength and might, miracles and power like it has never seen before.
‘Fathering is not managing the next generation; it is lifting the veil so as to allow them to walk in the destiny I proclaimed about them before they were born. In the womb of every father I have placed the destiny of their son, it is time to declare it, give them their baton to carry and not hold it back. ‘

Be Blessed

Amanda Wells

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  • Dear Amanda, I read your word and was saying yes yes yes all the way through. I have felt all my life that direction and guidance was very hard to find in any area of my life. I am 45 now and only just feeling as though I am “finding my way”. Part of it is I believe my parents and grandparents generation’s inability to communicate effectively what it is they wanted to share ie: I love you, I’m proud of you etc. and the inability or freedom to show emotion freely. This is part of the reason the free love/flower power era was such a hit with the generation before me, the need for love to be freely expressed was becoming allowable, unfortunately it wasn’t the church bringing this new wave and it all got out of kilter. Maybe the backlash that has occurred due to your word, which I believe is spot on, is because once again they feel they are doing what is needed without understanding that the delivery of their teaching is not effectively activating the baby boomers and the younger generation. Ps Miles Monroe who just recently was killed in a plane accident said the same thing – he dreamt of a sport star in his coffin clutching a baton to his chest and the young filing past and trying to pry the baton from his hand – and the message Ps Munroe believes was being said is the baton needs to be passed on. I believe that there is a lack of trust in those that are being raised ups ability to do with the ministry as it has been done – but you cannot put new wine into an old wine skin without losing both! Where is our faith that God Is and that all things are possible for those who love Him. Is it God’s kingdom we are building or our own? We must let go and let God be in control otherwise all that we have we will lose and it will be given to another. Thank you for your word and please keep pouring yourself out to be filled again. God bless xx

    Dianne RacoNovember 17, 2014
  • Good word!

    Christine Holmes-MasonNovember 18, 2014

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