Advancing of the Kings


Australia is coming to terms with how do we react, and bring change as citizens in what we could now call a post Christian Nation. Our Nation is now suffering an identity crisis as we come to terms with who we are as people and what do we stand for as a Nation? 


We have an inevitable consequence as our culture and nation teeters between its obligation to secular pressure, and minority groups, increasing moral disorder, freedom of speech being eroded, fears of Islam and an Economic freefall in Europe, USA and the prediction of Australia. 

As Christians we have to become more organized and not like disoriented sheep on a hill, not knowing whether to fight, wait for the rapture or let the systems of this world go to the dogs! We are in a place now where Goliath is showing up and we are seeing new laws and anti Christian strategy’s and principles being passed.

 In David’s day, the devil was manifesting in the harassing form of the Philistines. Goliath was not alone he had a whole army behind him who were in the process of occupying Israel’s territory. Every day, for 40 days, the armies of Israel were berated and mocked by a large demon-possessed beast named Goliath. King Saul had the responsibility and the positional authority to deal with this problem, but he lacked confidence because the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him! Saul was powerless to solve the problem – and he knew it. David had the anointing to deal with the situation, but what he did not have was a position with authorisation to apply it.

David didn’t take out Goliath as a shepherd boy – he did it as a soldier, he was inducted in the Army by Saul just before he took him on. He was authorised by Saul to enter the sphere of Government service – the government sphere. Goliath was a military embarrassment and hence, a political problem, which needed a solution from within that sphere. 

We must rethink how the Kingdom of God advances and how heaven triumphs over evil in our day. We must stop thinking that God only shows up in revivals or intense church/ worship gatherings. David knew God’s presence from his solitary worship on a hillside, but he also knew how to combine that spirituality with a slingshot and sword and take territory.

We must be like David and merge our spiritual intimacy and passion for God’s presence with our desire and  warrior’s disposition and advance against Hell’s reign.

Put the supernatural to work. Daily make it your confession, that “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and I am anointed to fix this situation in my sphere of influence!” You heal the sick systems and cast out devils from corrupt corridors of influence. You cleanse leprous minds and hearts and raise the dead to life in situations as God intended. 

You are a revival unleashed in the world of the mundane. You shift the atmosphere by occupying and claiming “every place the sole of your foot treads upon.”

We must get an understanding, we cannot bind the strong man from around the corner –we have to go into the strongman’s house to plunder his goods and divide his armour. BE A CHURCHILL! BE A WILBERFORCE!BE A MARIE CURIE – GO IN! 

It is a spiritual law that lesser authority must yield to greater authority. However, until the greater authority shows up and presses the issue, the lesser authority will dominate.

Hell will not yield, and our nations will not be saved because of our prayers alone. The strong man will only budge when one mightier than him comes upon him – in his house. Jesus is the mightier one and He wants to clothe Himself with YOU, the body of Christ. THEN those prayers, that are stored up in the heavens like latent nuclear power, will be unleashed.

When Goliath met David that day, he didn’t meet a shepherd boy, he met with a young man who had been inducted into his sphere of influence and that anointing that was now upon him was like God showing up in a David suit!! David didn’t need Saul’s armour he just need the access to influence within the sphere. He needed the proximity and he had to have it by entering the correct sphere to do it. Just like Deborah, she didn’t say to Barak I’ll go if you go, she was saying you are the General of the army, together if you induct me into the army we can take on the challenge in the political and military sphere.Esther couldn’t save the jews by just praying outside the place, if she could then Mordecai could have done it, she had to enter the sphere and approach the king officially. 

Proximity is power because the power to access can become the power to influence. The moment David was invited to put on Saul’s armour, he was no longer an outsider commenting on the situation; David was an insider, a government employee if you will, hired to solve the political problem.

You are the front lines of the advancing Kingdom! You are the anointed deliverer, the David in your assigned sphere. In fact, if you don’t go, the Kingdom will not come! 

The church is not the Kingdom; the church is given the keys of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is simply God’s way of doing things. The church is the authorised dealer of heaven, unlocking God’s way of doing things on earth! Until you go, the Kingdom will not come. 

 God has wisdom for every sphere of life and a solution to every problem of man. Wait upon Him and He will reveal His “wisdom” through you in your specific assignment.

What elicits a fiery emotion from the emerging army of “Davids” is that these Philistine, enemy forces are squatting on the heights of the inheritance that belongs to Jesus. These Philis- tine strongholds are not located in hell; they are located on the Hill of God!

“After that you shall come to the hill of God where the Philistine garrison is.” 1 Samuel 10:5

So up David! There is the sound of a strutting giant mocking the armies of the living God. Does this not provoke you? You’ve dealt with your lion and your bear you’ve been prepared in the school of life; this uncircumcised Philistine will be just like them. It is time to reach for your slingshot of your profession.

 Amanda Wells

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