Growth = Change

Growth = Change Change your spectators rather than change who you are. Growth is an amazing phenomenon. As human beings we never stop growing and changing till the day we die. Note the two words I used. Growth and change! They go hand in hand because when you grow, you change.   As we grow […]


  YOU CAN, YOU WILL ACHIEVE ‘JUST DO IT’ Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength. It was the day my middle daughter’s OP score was to arrive. I remember the tense morning waiting for the postman then the dash to the mailbox, then the overwhelming fear when the moment […]

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An Old Shattered And Broken Dreams Comes True

  This is the YEAR where forgotten and broken dreams are being restored! I believe that is such a prophetic word for this year Let me tell an amazing testimony…..   I used to dance. My mother was an amazing tap dancer if war hadn’t broken out she would have gone professional. My sister was […]

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Today Is The Day To Create Your Tomorrow

Michelangelo discovered a huge, rough marble rock in a quarry and instantly knew what it was destined to become.   Within it he could actually see his masterpiece “The David” and later said he merely had to carve away the unnecessary marble and he would have his statue. Imagery Helps Us Create a Compelling Vision For […]

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours What an amazing time of the year this is, a time to look back at the year and see the goodness of God on our lives and also the battles we all went through and came out of! It’s been a great year for us although we have […]

Seasons….. Are You In The Time Of Harvest?

    Seasons….. Are You In The Time Of Harvest? Right now is the season of the harvest, and it is a season of abundance for many. Do you know what comes after the harvest? Winter! Everyone is on a different journey in their life. You might be in a season of plenty, harvesting great […]

The Reaction To The Prophetic Word….. Shocked Me!

    The Reaction To The Prophetic Word Shocked Me! On Saturday the 15th October I submitted a prophetic word for the Australian Prophetic Counsel, by Sunday morning the 16th it had quite a few shares and likes. This wasn’t the issue, what was you ask? The reaction I received privately. Messages from ‘fathers’, or […]

Creating Success With Your Blog…. Course

  Create Success, Make More Money, Attract More Clients And Build The Business Of Your Dreams! Have you been trying to build yourself an online business, NGO or church advertising without any results? Maybe you’ve been blogging or talking on social media and nothing seems to be working? Well you’re not alone! With all the […]

You Have A Unique Song…. Sing It

    For so many people that within them there is a conspiracy going on. There is a voice, an attitude or we could call it their old man that strategises against us, seeking to stop us. Each one of us have a ‘word of our testimony’ that overcomes every obstacle thrown at us and […]


  SEERS MUST BECOME TAKERS There is a saying I love, and, its this, ‘if you can see it then you were called and have authority to access it and manifest it!’ Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard his 2nd year because he saw a technology in the future, and he thought  if he could see it, then […]

You Are Unique

YOU ARE UNIQUE I love how we are all so different and unique, powerful and beautiful. I stand amazed at how amazing God is and how He made us all so unique. He created an amazing symphony when He made all of us. That symphony is not heard until all of us realise our uniqueness […]

Marketplace and Church

  The Marketplace and Church I have been in ministry for over 25 years and I have seen where pastors are so hard working & faithful and have not had a proper holiday, or where every ‘holiday’ is going to a conference, and where they are on call 24 hours a day. Phone calls and […]

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